How To Save On Your Wedding Day

Having a wedding can be costly especially if you don’t know how to budget. Most of those who get married in their 20’s or 30’s can feel the weight of their wedding to be a little bit too much. Although you might want to have the best wedding you can have, there is still a part of you that keeps on reminding you about the budget. A part of you may be saying that there are some better things you can do with the money you are about to spend on just a single day. Tough times doesn’t mean you have to cancel the wedding and set it on a later date, there are more things that you could do to make sure you don’t spend as much. Here are a few things you should try.

  1. Learn how to borrow – When it comes to decorations for your wedding venue, you can find someone whom you can ask to borrow the decorations from. You won’t need all that table cloths or extra long pieces of cloth that hang from the ceiling to make your venue look more beautiful after the wedding so consider borrowing it than wasting your money on it. Chairs can be hired as well as pretty much everything for your reception. You can ask people close to you to borrow their set of nice serving dishes so that you don’t need to purchase them just for the day. There are actually lots of shops that specialise in wedding rentals. Don’t worry so much if you have mismatched items. In today’s trend, it is quite common to see.
  2. Compare Prices – If you are looking for a venue, consider having different options that can have as much capacity as your first choice. You will probably decorate the area anyway so it doesn’t really need to be that expensive when you are just renting out the place for a few hours. This is also true for your photographers. You have to gather as much Sydney city weddings information as you can so that you can compare their offers and get the best packages.
  3. Create Your Own Wedding Playlist – Instead of having a DJ in your reception or ceremony, you can just create your own playlist and play the songs while the people eat and celebrate with you. While creating the playlist, ask your bride or your groom if there are any songs that they wish to be added. It is fun to create the playlist with the love of your life beside you. Just make sure that the songs are appropriate for the event. Remember that a wedding is a happy event so avoid selecting love songs that are about someone leaving or loving another person.
  4. Free Manpower – Instead of hiring people to decorate your venue, you can just ask the help of your family and friends to do this for you for free. Some of them may be creative enough to make the venue look really pretty and elegant. You just have to make sure that the person you ask for this favour is responsible enough to really do it.