Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is where the employees of a business promote the business either as part of their job or in addition to doing their job. In today’s world of fierce competition, a business needs all the help that it can get in order to succeed and so having its employees help is always an added bonus.

However, unless the business has a very good employer employee relationship, the employees may not be very keen on assisting, unless it is made part of their actually job.

Today though there are employee advocacy programs available, like Socioadvocacy.com which allow for employees to be encouraged to assist, even if it is not part of their regular job or even if they are not too excited about the business.

If the employees are eager to help then no problem, a business can introduce an advocacy program and right away have the employees displaying the business’s logos or other information, freely on their social media sites but if the employees are not so keen, because the program allows for the employer to monitor progress, they can offer incentives to those employees that do assist and do well in assisting, encouraging even the less eager employee to join the program.

Basically the program sets up an employee’s social media site with promos for the business and so when that employee shares anything on their social media site with a friend, the promo is passed on too.

Likewise is that friend passes the same post to their friends, their friends also see the promo, pogo or whatever brand info the business wishes to have passed on.

Obviously any one employee is more likely to have more social media friends than a business has and so if several employees if not all, are displaying the business logo, it is going to be seen by far more people than the business could show it too without the employees help.

Today, in order to stay competitive, a business must have a good online presence as 60% of all business today is estimated to be carried out online and in order to be part of that 60%, people online have to know that you exist.

Although having people know that you exist is obviously a good thing, they will hopefully want to visit your website to find out more about you and that for many businesses that is their downfall.

Once a visitor gets to a business website, although it obviously has to be about business, if it is of low quality and boring, many visitors will immediately leave that site without even knowing what it may have to offer, preferring to go to a high quality website which is interesting and informative.

This means that any business’s website, from the start must be of high quality and also be interesting otherwise it may not be able to make the sales the owners hoped it would.

As much of the online business is carried out by return visitors to a website, the content on the website’s pages should be updated or revised frequently.