Getting buying the engagement ring right

It’s all well and good to have found the lady of your dreams and have found the nerve to ask her to marry you. It’s a different story trying to get the ring just right for the big question! Whether you choose platinum solitaire ring options that are classic, or opt for something newer and more modern can be a difficult call to make. The ring is an important symbol of the life you want to live with your chosen one- but you probably haven’t spent much time in jewelry stores yourself. How do you get it right?

Start with the figures.
The absolutely vital first step is knowing what you can spend. That way, both you and the jeweler will be able to look at the right things. Platinum rings, for example, will always require quite an outlay. Ignore the old adage about ‘2 months’ salary’- its rubbish. Starting your life together in debt is not worth a pretty ring. Buy a nice ring that won’t put you and your fiancĂ© in the financial hole from the get go, and start your life together right. Don’t delay on behalf of the ring, either. It’s a symbol of your love, not the other way around. It’s very commonplace for couples to upgrade their engagement rings on a future anniversary.

Know your partner.
It helps if you have a good idea whether or not they would like to be part of the ring buying process. It’s becoming much more popular these days for couples to pick out the ring themselves, and of course it’s considerably easier to get the fit right as well as ensure she loves the ring. However, there are those who’d prefer the romanticism of the full surprise. Don’t neglect the power of heirloom rings, either, if either of you have a family member who wants to carry on this tradition.

Know your size.
Whether you want to pick the ring as a surprise or go as a couple, you’re going to need to know your ring size. Yes, rings can be resized, but the better the fit the better the process, as it can substantially alter the design. This step is especially critical if the fingers in question won’t be with you at the jewelry store! Not only does it save costs, it saves embarrassment too. If you’re trying for a surprise, try and get the measurements of a ring you know fits well and comfortably. You can always enlist the help of a friend or family member too.

If you’re planning a surprise, don’t just leave it there either. Make sure you get a sense of her taste in jewelry, whether she leans to the traditional- like the platinum solitaire ring we mentioned earlier- or if she prefers a modern line. Does she like flashy settings or subtle? Does she tend to wear gold, or paler metals like platinum or white gold? If you can match the ring into her tastes, so much the better.

Getting the perfect ring isn’t as hard as you may think with a little care and consideration

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